• Established in April 1999.
    1st of its kind in dedicated water utility services.
  • - Call / complaint centre to the customer.
    - Information center for the organization.
  • Job Management System (JMS) – core software
    - An online database system developed as a tool in managing workload and complaints. A communication network with computer interface linking the SAJH INFO CENTER to all SAJH’s regional depot.
    - Each complaint lodged into the system will be assigned with a unique reference for easy monitoring and retrieving.

    Billing Information System (BIS)
    -Tools in managing customer’s billing enquiries.

    Call Center Manager (CCM)
    - A system used in monitoring inbound and outbound calls via our toll free line.
    - It enables the measurement of level of service offered by the call agents.

    Integrated Geographical Information System (IGIS)
    - It covers all assets and installation throughout the state.
    - Accurate identification of location of events such as leaks and pipe bursts.

    Remote Monitoring System (RMS)
    - The RMS enables the monitoring of reservoirs level from the SAJ INFO CENTER– 24 hours a day. Installed in over 100 reservoirs throughout Johor to ensure continuity of supply to the customers.
  • Call classification
    i) Complaints on water supply
    ii) Billing enquiries

    Fax : 07 – 226 2339
    Email : customer.care@ranhill.com.my
  • - Analysis/reporting
    i) Agents performance
    ii) Call analysis
    iii) Number of pipe burst
    iv) Quality Objective Customer Charter
    v) Reservoirs overflow