1. The consumer can request for water meter testing to verify the accuracy of the water meter by completing the SAJ/OM/PEL/AG 16-BRG 01 Form – Water Meter Testing together with payment for the deposit. Deposit charges for water meter testing :
Num. Meter Size Deposit (RM)
1. Size up to 50mm 50.00
2. Size up to 80mm 100.00
3. Size between 100mm – 150mm 400.00
4. Size between 200mm – 400mm 800.00
  1. After the deposit payment is confirmed, work orders will be issued to plumber / SAJ crew


  1. SAJH shall inform the consumer of the date, time and venue for the water meter testing. The consumer is invited and encouraged to witness the water meter testing.


  1. Meter test result notification letter will be sent to customers depending on the result whether the meter is good or the meter is damaged.


  1. If the current water meter is good, account will be updated and the deposit will not be refunded.


  1. If the meter is found to be DEFECTIVE, the customer’s account will be updated and the deposit will be refunded through the customer’s water bill accounts and adjustments will be made based on the use of the new meters


  1. Download

Water Meter Testing Form