1. 100% water supply coverage.
  2. Establishment of 24-hour SAJ Info Centre.
  3. Systematic and comprehensive water quality program with 578 water sampling points and capacity of 44 water treatment plants throughout the  state.
  4. Creation of Job Management System (JMS) for logging and tracking of works.
  5. Organisation re-engineering for a commercial and customer focused operations.
  6. We have taken a wide variety of measures to reduce NRW level, using a comprehensive NRW Management System for managing all of NRW data, including monitoring and analyzing its level. While Aqua SMART system, which developed by RWS is to manage District Meter Zone (DMZs) monitoring works (flow and pressure).
  7. Introduction of Quality Objectives & Customer Charter to benchmark our level of service.
  8. 87.18% average satisfactory level for our Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2017, conducted on yearly basis.
  9. Implementation of Integrated Geographical Information System (IGIS), consolidating all of its water supply information.