1. Treated water supplied is safe for consumption.

2. All services at Ranhill SAJ’s service counter shall be attended within 20 minutes.

3. New water supply connections shall be installed within the following period upon payment of the deposit :-

i.  2 days for individual application.

ii. 7 days for clustered application.

4. Approval for reticulation plans shall be responded within 21 days from the date of the application.

5. Notification on scheduled water supply disruption shall be informed at least 7 days in advance.

6. Reconnection of water supply due to enforcement activity shall be made within 2 working days upon receipt of proof of payment.

7. Alternative water supply shall be activated after 24 hours of customer’s water supply due to failure to supply through water pipes.

8. Enquiries & complaints shall  be responded within 24 hours through the following channels :-

i. Toll Free Line: 1800-88-7474

ii. SMS: AT < > RanhillSAJ < > COMPLAINT and send to 63001

iii. Email: