1. Apply for water supply is the first application made by a customer to register an account at SAJ for the premises which had not been registered before.
  1. The applicant shall appoint plumbers registered with the National Water Services Commission (SPAN).
  1. Registered plumbers required to complete Water Supply and Services Agreement Form and SAJH501 Form as well as their respective requirement document.
  1. The completed form should be submitted to SAJ counter along with their supporting document.  Application type are as follows:
Num. Application Type Applicant


Required Supporting Document
01 Individual


Property Owners · Copy of I/C

· Copy of Certificate of Fitness for Occupation  (CFO) / Certificate of Completion and  Compliance CCC / Tax Assessment

· Copy of land title

· Revenue Stamp RM10.00

Tenants Premises · Copy of I/C

·Tenancy Agreement

· Revenue Stamp RM10.00

Other application Statutory Declaration, owner confirmation letter, a letter of support for the parties involved
02 Company Company Owner · Copy of Director’s  I/C

· Copy of Sale & Purchase Agreement

· Copy of Company Registration Certificate (SSM)

· Copy of Form 24 & Fom 49

· Copy of Bank Guarantee (for consumption from  RM100, 000 onwards)

· Authorization letter (representative)

· Revenue Stamp RM10.00

Company Tenants · Applicant I/C

· Loan Agreement

· Company Registration Certificate (SSM)

· Copy of Form 24 & Form 49

· Revenue Stamp RM10.00

  1. SAJ will issue related invoices for deposit payment processes once the form has been completed.  If no payment is received within 30 days, the application will be canceled
  1. After payment of the deposit is made, SAJ will issue work orders and handover the meter installation to a plumber. Installation period is as follows:

– 2 Days for Individual Application
– 7 Days for Community Application

  1. Meters that have been installed will be updated in the SAJ billing system.
  1. Download forms:

Water Supply and Services Agreement Form
SAJH501 Form