Press Statement

by sr. nor ifuan md nor

CEO, Ranhill SAJ Sdn Bhd



Ranhill SAJ continues water supply 

throughout 14-day restricted movement period


Johor Bahru, 17 March 2020 

Ranhill SAJ views with concern the interest of public safety in the time of COVID-19 outbreak and as a responsible corporate citizen, is committed to driving efforts on ensuring continuous service through on-going business operation.


All Ranhill SAJ personnel will therefore be on duty throughout the 14-day restricted movement period announced by the government of Malaysia last night, to ensure continuous water supply 


Ranhill SAJ is entrusted to serve the people of Johor through water supply, and it will carry on with its responsibility especially during this difficult time.


Water is essential for good personal hygiene, which is also one of the ways of prevention from the coronavirus. All water supply installations will remain open and be fully operational to meet water supply needs of the people of Johor.


Internally, we have also put in place measures to help minimise the risk from coronavirus to our employees and their families. Our approach has been one of abundant caution, and the speed of response and collective responsibility of all our employees.


These are unprecedented times. Now, more than ever we continue to be resourceful, and do what we do best: focus on supporting each other and meeting the needs of our consumers.


We would encourage all customers who wish to transact with Ranhill SAJ such as for paying their bills to do it online from their homes. For those who need advice, support or assistance, 

they may also call SAJ Info Centre at 1-800-88-7474 or via email at

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