A – Bill Info

1. How often will I receive my water bill?

Generally you will receive your water bill once a month

2. What should I do if I do not receive my water bill?

If you do not received you water bill for more than two consecutive months, you may check your bill by emailing us at

3. Why is my water bill suddenly too high?

This can be due to leakage in your internal plumbing or overflow of the roof tank.

4. How can I know that my internal plumbing is leaking?

Before going to bed and everybody in the house is not using water, read the water meter. Next morning, before using any water, read the water meter again and checks if there is any differences in the reading. If there is a difference in the reading then water is flowing somewhere even there is no usage.

5. Can I receive my water bill through my email?

Yes, You can view your water bill and your e-billing copy bill will be sent to your valid email address if you register at Ranhill SAJ e-Billing service.

6. Where can I pay my water bill?

You can pay your water bills at:

a) Payment Counters : Agro Bank, Bank Islam, BSN, Maybank, Pos Malaysia & Ranhill SAJ Agencies.

b) Online Banking : AGRONet, Bank Islam Internet Banking, myBSN, Maybank2u

c) FPX : Banks affliated with JomPay.

d) Kiosk : Mobility One, Paylink, MOL 7-Eleven, ePay.

e) JomPay : Banks affliated with JomPay. Jompay biller code :3673

f) Credit Card: All Mastercards and Visa from local merchant bank (Card issuance)

g) All Ranhill SAJ Agency Offices

h) e-Billing


B – Water Supply Application/ Disconnection/ Reconnection

1. How do I apply for water supply?

For applying for water supply you are required to appoint a registered plumber and filling up SAJH501 Form

2. Why is my water supply disconnected?

Water supply can be disconnected either :

3. If my water supply has been disconnected how can I get it reconnected?

Application to reconnect you water supply can be made by completing and submitting Form SAJH503 or proof of payment for arrears need to be produced before reconnection of water supply can be made.

4. When will my water supply be reconnected?

Water supply will be reconnected within two (2) days after receiving payment of deposit and connection fee or payment of arrears.



C – Water Meters

1. How long does it normally take to install a new individual water meter?

For new application of individual water meter will be installed within 2 days after Ranhill SAJ received all payment required (contribution, deposit and connection fee).

2. Why is my water meter fitted outside house compound?

Water meters are normally fitted outside for ease of meter reading.

3. How do I know my meter is faulty?

  • Water meter is faulty if the counters do not move (daily readings remain the same) even though water is used daily.
  • The counters of the meter do not move smoothly (rotation of the counters is unstable).
  • The meter is broken causing a leak and water comes out through the meter itself.

4. What should I do if I have discovered my water meter is faulty?

Promptly report to us by emailing us at

5. If I am not satisfied with the performance of the water meter can I ask for testing the water meter?

You can apply for water meter testing by filling up a standard letter together with payment for the deposit.

6. How can I reduce my water bill?

You can use your water wisely. There are some tips of on how to use water wisely



D – Miscellaneous

1. How do Ranhill SAJ notify consumer in case there are any interruptions of water supply?

For scheduled water supply interruptions, consumers will be notified of at least 24 hours in advanced through local newspaper or radio. If affected area is small, flyers will be distributed. You can also find out from our website at for the latest water interruptions, if any.

2. What is Non-Revenue Water (NRW)?

NRW is the difference between the volume of water put into the system and the volume of water billed.

3. What can I do when I spotted a water pipe burst or leakage at the public area?

If you spotted any bursts, leaks or tanks overflow, please email us at

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